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Change your Phone Number in WhatsApp

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Hello Friends, We know that Whatsapp has become one of the favorite apps. People enjoy messaging to their friends or loved ones. This is the reason why most people today got their own separate Whatsapp phone number for instant communication. And when they want to change their phone number, they need to change the registered Whatsapp phone number to continue with the same account.

Change your Phone Number in WhatsApp

Let’s say you have changed your phone number for some reasons and so want to switch your WhatsApp registered phone number to the phone, how would you do it? Although it is quite easy, some new WhatsApp users may not be aware of this. Here is how you do it.

There can be some reason why you want to change your phone number on Whatsaap. If you have changed your phone number to Whatsapp, now it is time to know about your contacts. This seems to be a difficult task, but Whatsapp has made this process very easy.

Whatsaap offers an Option Offer that allows your Contacts to get a notification after your Phone Number is changed. These Notification will only get the contacts which are on your Whatsapp. Contacts from other places will not get any notification.

Change Phone Number

It is very easy to change your phone number on Whatsapp. First of all, open Whatsapp and click on the 3 vertical dots appearing on the upper right. Then select Settings> Account> Change number.

Now Whatsapp will show you an information which will tell you that all your settings, Group, Account Info will be transferred to the new number. Also, you must also prove that your new Phone Number will receive Text Messages, and this is not a hassle.

Once you have entered your phone number, then make sure to double-check it so that you know that your number is correct. Then tap on next, and Whatsapp will warn you that you are going to change your number. Do not forget to turn the option on Toggle On, which will tell your contacts that you have changed the number.

Then you have to decide what Whatsapp notifies the contacts. In this you will get 3 options: All Contacts, Contacts I have chats with and Custom | You do not have to worry about erasing your old Whatsapp account as this will do the job Automatically.

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