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Every Valentine Day whatsapp Messages,quites,image

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Dear Whatsapp tricky friends now we are discussing Valentine days like all day  so friends  enjoy all day image quotes and messages

  • 7th February Rose Day
  • 8th February Propose Day
  • 9th February Chocolate Day
  • 10th February Teddy Day
  • 11th February Promise Day
  • 12th February Hug Day
  • 13th February Kiss Day
  • 14th February Valentine Day
Rose Day
Rose Day WhatsApp image

“Ab Uss Phool ko kya Gulab du jo khud ak Gulab ho  this line for the rose day”

Propose Day
Propose Day for a couple

“when he will say to me

I am all yours instead of I love you

yes that will be the real propose day for me”

Chocolate Day
Chocolate days for best wishes

“chocolate ka kya Karna h hmare

liye to Rishton ki mithas hi Kafi h”

Teddy Day
Teddy Day for best gifts

“I fell in love with u”

“and I don’t know how”

I don’t know why

I just did.

Promise Day
Day for the best promise

“If I reached for your hand will u hold it”

” and if I hold my arms will u hug me ”

“If I go for your lips will u kiss me ”

“If I capture your Heart will u love me ”

“will u marry me ”

Hug Day
Hug Day for the lifetime

u always hug me every morning every night

“u always hug me when I go office”

and u always hug me every second when I cry

Kiss Day
happy Kiss Day

“in my life, I want you as wife ”

” u toh tariqe bhut h Izhar e Mohabbat ke Kher muje to Tera matha chumana acha lgta h”

Valentine Day
best and happy Valentine Day

“you always disappoint me,

but still, I cannot  give up on your I think this is what we call love ”

“jabse Mila hu Teri hi chahat rahi h

tuje paa ke jindgi meri fhna rhi he

aaj fhir se Tumse Karta hu Izhar e Ishq me Tumse kyuki

ab to tu to meri adat ho rhi h ”






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