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How to Hide Last Seen status in whatsapp

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Whatsapp is one of the most popular mobile messaging services. The company behind the omnipresent message platform is currently in the process of acquiring from Facebook. Social Media Giant has announced that it is going to get WhatsApp for $ 19 billion in February this year.

Hide Last Seen status in whatsapp

Hello Friends, In this post, I will tell you how to hide online status on Whatsapp. If you have a smartphone then you will be able to use whatsapp. You will also know about its feature and security. This is the most liked social messenger app in less time. Its main reason is its amazing features. It keeps on constantly updating its users. For security along with features, Whitespace gives us freedom to control our privacy.

While looking at Whatsapp’s online activity settings, we have to discuss, the difference between online and “last time”, as well as how each of them works. If your account is marked online, it means that you have the app actively open in the foreground of your phone. This does not mean that someone marked as “online” has read your message; This means that the app is open on their device and they are actively using whatsapp in any way. Meanwhile, “Last Seine” means that the app is not open on their device, but rather the last time you were active on your device.

Hide Last Seen status

You want to prevent others from accessing information about your profile status, to access this full menu, go to Settings in WhatsApp, Tap Privacy, and then Status. Now you can choose from three options:

My Contacts – You Will Only Share Your Status With Contacts

My contacts Except – it shares your name with all the contacts, except for some specified contacts that you want to keep in the dark.

Share with only – it blocks your profile from everyone but selects the contacts you have selected.

Hide your profile photo in whatsapp

You can easily see the ability to keep your profile photo hidden from all the contacts and users of WhatsApp. From Settings menu in WhatsApp, click in privacy, then profile photo, and finally no one.

By choosing this option, no one can see your profile photo any more. You also have an option to share with contacts only.

You can now successfully become invisible on Whatsapp despite efforts to prevent users from having the option.

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