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Some Whatsapp Privacy tips

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Hello Friends, We know that Whatsapp is the social communication app of these times. In a world where almost everything is priced, it is a relief to smartphone users that WhatsApp is a free service. It’s popular. It’s efficient. This is a very good tool for immediate social communication.
It not only gives the user the ability to send meaning in the moment of thinking, but also tells who we are talking to, that we have read the messages.

Some Whatsapp Privacy tips.

If you also use Whatsapp, then you will know how important it is to keep a safe account of Whatsapp. In today’s post, we will get information about Whatsapp Privacy Setting. Learn more about how you can keep your Whatsapp Account safe.

Two Step Verification

To enable it, go to Whatsapp Settings> Account> Two-Step Verification and click on Enable and then ask for a six digit code. Re-enter the code to verify it and enter your email address as the backup form. It’s done, you’re now safer than ever.

Disable Notification Previews

If your personal masseges look at someone else then this is not good for your privacy. That’s why we also lock our phones, but we see our Whatsapp’s Masseges preview in our Notification. By default whenever you recive a massege, you can see that message’s preview on the lock screen. And when you use your phone to make another move, it can see your personalized Masseges. So you can easily hide your Masseges from the Lock screen.

To turn off the preview feature on iPhone, go to Whatsapp Settings> Notifications> Show Preview and disable it.

This process is slightly different on Android, because there is no inbuilt Whatsapp setting on Android Whatsapp to disable it. On Android you can turn off the preview by doing Android Settings> Notifications> Notification Settings and Select Hide sensitive notification content.

Privacy on Whatsapp Status

By putting your status on your Whatsapp, you can tell about yourself nothing at the same time without sending them a message to many people and telling it is a great way to tell. With new photos and videos included in Whatsapp Status, more and more people are using it and sharing their photos and ideas. But, you do not want your Whatsapp Status to be seen by everyone, that is not public.

What to do if you want this Whatsapp Status to appear only to some people And if you want to show this Whatsapp Status in a group of some people, then you have to do some settings to show your Whatsapp Status. And to hide Whatsapp Status, you can do this by managing the settings in the Whatsapp Status option. Just go to your Whatsapp Setting> Account> Privacy> Status. Here you will see three options

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